Making a Splash or High and Dry? After 4 Seasons, Will Mako Mermaids Get Its Sea Legs Back for a Fifth? - Stanford Arts Review (2024)

by Rupali Gupta

Can you believe it’s been over 5 years now since we last got to journey under the sea to Mako Island for new mermaid adventures? I still vividly remember tuning in week after week back in 2013, utterly enchanted by the tales of land girl Zac transforming into a merman and the Mako mermaids Sirena, Nixie, and Lyla tasked with getting his powers back. That magical world filled with moon rings, special powers, and aquatic mystery had me hooked for four incredible seasons spanning until 2016.

But ever since the emotional series finale where Zac finally bid farewell to land and headed into the endless ocean alone, fans like me have been crossing our fingers year after year hoping for some kind of revival. A new season five, a spinoff show – anything to get our Mako mermaid fix!

Making a Splash or High and Dry? After 4 Seasons, Will Mako Mermaids Get Its Sea Legs Back for a Fifth? - Stanford Arts Review (1)

Will there be a season 5 to Mako Mermaids?

Unfortunately, despite the passionate fan campaigns over the years pleading with the creators to continue the story, all official announcements indicate that season four was intended as the conclusion all along. I definitely understand the showrunners likely wanted to wrap up character arcs and preserve the series’ legacy rather than overstay its welcome. Fournovel seasons culminating with Zac embracing his destiny makes for a poetic ending chapter for sure.

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Still…that doesn’t make it any easier for this fan wishing upon moon shells that we’d get to reunite with Erik, Sirena and the pod again! I mean there must be countless more enchanting adventures to explore in the moon pool’s magic, right? More land boy threats to mermaid life needing solutions! And the thought of checking back in with an older, wiser Zac roaming the seas sounds incredibly intriguing.

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Alas though, all main cast members have now gone onto other projects and there’s been no hint from the studio about reassembling them for a surprise renewal. Perhaps someday when the 10-year anniversary arrives there might be some special reunion episode or movie…but odds of a full fifth season ever materializing feel tragically slim now.

NameMako Mermaids
Created ByJonathan M. Shiff
StarringLucy Fry, Ivy Latimer, Amy Ruffle, Chai Romruen
Number of Seasons4
Number of Episodes52
Original NetworkNetwork Ten, Netflix
Original ReleaseJuly 26, 2013 – August 19, 2016
GenreFantasy, teen drama
SettingGold Coast, Australia
Production CompanyJonathan M. Shiff Productions
PlotA teenage girl transforms into a mermaid ten seconds after touching water. She teams up with two mermaids to ward off enemies.

Is there a spin-off to Mako Mermaids?

I will continue to cling to irrational hope regardless! Because the world of Mako captured imaginations so beautifully with its tales of self-discovery, acceptance, and that wondrous fusion of land meets sea. Maybe the recent success of shows like Siren can convince execs that the mystical underwater fantasy genre still holds promise. And that audiences surely still have room in their hearts for more of loveable Lyla’s sassy jokes or adorable sea creature Evie!

Making a Splash or High and Dry? After 4 Seasons, Will Mako Mermaids Get Its Sea Legs Back for a Fifth? - Stanford Arts Review (2)

For now, we fans shall continue to dream, to manifest a return to Mako through sheer will of fantasy alone! Until then, I’ll be sure to cherish every nostalgic repeat viewing of seasons 1-4, reminiscing about the good times when Zac, Erik and our favorite mermaids ruled the small screen seas. May their moon ring glow and cavern walls echo with adventure eternally in all our hearts! And who really knows what mystical tides the future may bring back ashore someday.

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Why did Lucy Fry leave Mako Mermaids?

When the news broke that Lucy Fry was leaving Mako Mermaids, fans were shocked and disheartened. As one of the original mermaid trio, her character Lyla was beloved by the show’s loyal viewers. For three seasons, Lucy had brought warmth, spunk, and heart to the role that so many had come to cherish. Why would she abruptly depart this magical world centered around the power of friendship?

As it turns out, the decision for Lucy to move on from Mako Mermaids was mutual and rooted in creative differences. The showrunners felt that the mermaids’ stories had run their course on the island and wanted to shift focus to the teenage land-dwellers. This tonal change would cater more to their core demographics while opening up new narrative possibilities. And so, they made the difficult choice to abruptly kill off Lyla in the Season 3 finale, allowing Lucy to pursue new projects with their blessing.

For her part, Lucy harbored no ill feelings towards the series that launched her career. She understood the realities of showbusiness and trusted the writers’ vision going forward, even if it meant closing the chapter on the bright, earnest character that she had tirelessly brought to life. After over 30 episodes playing the bubbly Lyla, Lucy felt ready for new artistic challenges beyond the shores of Mako. The decision was certainly difficult and emotional, but it was time.

True to form, Lucy handled her departure with professionalism, grace, and maturity beyond her years. Both she and the creators thanked each other for the incredible opportunity and vowed to collaborate again someday. There was no bitterness or resentment, just wistful fondness towards the magical years they had all shared.

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Did Mako Mermaids end?

When the whimsical teen fantasy series Mako Mermaids aired its fourth season finale in 2016, fans worldwide were crestfallen. This magical world of mermaids, ocean magic, and coming-of-age adventures had captured viewers’ imaginations for years. Its playful spirit hearkened back to more innocent times. Alas, despite the show’s cult following, ratings struggles overseas led producers to discontinue further seasons. Though endings are rarely easy, Mako Mermaids swam into pop culture history leaving behind a joyful legacy.

Centered around a teenage boy named Zac who transforms into a merman, Mako Mermaids charmed audiences with its seaside mythology. Zac and his band of mermaid friends went on lighthearted yet meaningful journeys of self-discovery together. Alongside imaginative villains and spectacular CGI effects, the story celebrated themes of loyalty, responsibility and growing into one’s power. Even as production values improved each season, the show retained its gleeful spirit of childhood reverie.

By the time the last sparkling portal closed on Mako Island, Zac had come to understand his destined role as protector of the magic. Viewers watched the characters grow before their eyes, leaving behind a slice of innocence in the process. The finale’s bittersweet tone reminded us that all quests must end. Yet the memories they created would ripple forever in viewers’ hearts.

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Making a Splash or High and Dry? After 4 Seasons, Will Mako Mermaids Get Its Sea Legs Back for a Fifth? - Stanford Arts Review (2024)
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