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Shattered Sanctum is one of the locations that can be visited in Baldur’s Gate 3. This structure has been turned into a hideout ever since the goblins took over the town where it stands. Read ahead as we talk more about the Shattered Sanctum in Baldur’s Gate 3 and share its secrets.

Shattered Sanctum Location

The Shattered Sanctum can be found on the east side of the map, north of the Goblin Camp. To get inside the sanctum, head north of the camp until you reach the fountain. Using your party’s perception check, stand close to the crumbling wall and you will find that it can be broken down. After your first strike, one of the drunk goblins will be woken up by the sound. You can pass checks or use your Illithid power to make the goblin not be suspicious of what you’re doing. After two more hits, the wall should crumble, revealing path leading to the sanctum.

Shattered Sanctum Quests and Events

There are several quests that are tied to the Shattered Sanctum, with the most notable one being the Save the Refugees quest from the Druid Grove.

Save the Refugees – Rescue Druid Halsin

This quest will have different encounters with Halsin depending on whether or not you have killed the goblin leaders before meeting up with him. If at least one goblin leader is still alive by the time you get to the Worg Pens, you will see Halsin still in his bear form inside the cage. If all goblin leaders have been killed before reaching the Worg Pens, you will find out that Halsin had already set himself free and is on his way back to the grove.

If Halsin is still in the cage, you can deal with his captors through various ways, most of which will end in a conflict against the captors. After freeing Halsin, he will ask for your help in killing the goblin leaders. He will give you the option to keep him in his party for now, but make every remaining goblin hostile to you, or you can let him return to the grove and deal with the goblin leaders more stealthily.

Find a cure – Rescue Volo

The second half of the Rescue Volo quest happens inside the Shattered Sanctum as you follow him and his handler back to his cage. You can then either talk your way with his handler to release him or take the aggressive route. If you succeed, Volo will be released and he will offer his help in finding a cure for your parasite once you get back to your camp.

Abdirak – Loviatar’s Love

At the Bloodied Shrine, you will meet Abdirak, a follower of Loviatar who they worship as the goddess of pain. If you talk to him, he will ask if you are there to worship Loviatar as well. Agree to it and you will be subjected into pain as their way of worshipping.

You have to endure three hits either by sticking with a Performance or Intimidation check, with each check getting harder every hit. After succeeding in all three hits, you will be given the Loviatar’s Love permanent buff, plus Shadowheart’s A Kiss Without Mercy inspiration will be fulfilled. Loviatar’s Love will give you a +2 to attacks and saving throws when you are at 30% health or below, but it will wear off if your character dies.

Dror Ragzlin – Raid the Grove

Deeper into the sanctum, you will find Dror Ragzlin, one of the goblin leaders, performing a ritual on a dead mind flayer’s corpse. Approaching the ritual will start a cutscene where Dror Ragzlin will notice that you also have the parasite, or as they call it a True Soul. You will have the option to investigate the mind of the mind flayer with him, or you can immediately engage with him on a battle.

Choosing to study the mind flayer, you will eventually discover that the one who killed it was you. Dror Ragzlin will then get suspicious of you and senses that you have been in the Druid Grove as well, but you can try and pass a Persuasion check to get around this. Afterwards, he will point you over to Minthara, one of the goblin leaders, as she prepares to raid the grove.

You can head back and engage with Dror Ragzlin on a battle after releasing Halsin from his cage to fulfill the objective in the Save the Refugees quest.

Minthara – Raid the Grove

You will then see Minthara meeting up with the goblins under her command. After the meeting, you can talk to her about the raid. You will then have the option to engage with her right now while she only has a few goblins with her, or join her in raiding the grove and then betray her at the battlefield where she will have her troops, but you will have the support of some of the tieflings at the grove. Either way, defeating her will let you loot the Mind Flayer Specimen from her body.

True Soul Gut – Find a cure

In the center of the sanctum is where you will find True Soul Gut, also known as Priestess Gut. Talk to her and she will offer her help in removing the parasite from your head upon sensing that you have one too. After following her to her chapel, you will have the option to attack her or carry on with her offer to help.

Continuing with her offer to help, she will hand you over a concoction. Passing an Arcana check will reveal that the concoction is actually a sleeping potion; if you are a race that is susceptible to poisons, you will be knocked out, otherwise the poison won’t work. Drink the potion and let its effect knock you out.

You will then find yourself in a cellar where True Soul Gut will reveal that she does not intend to help you, but rather keep you as her pet for when you transform into a mind flayer. You will have the option to do an Acrobatics or Strength test to get out of your chains, or just preserve your strengths for now.

Choosing to preserve your strength will cause a short time to pass. The next time True Soul Gut wakes you up, a person arrives from a portal and assassinates True Soul Gut. She then introduced herself as Korilla who you will later find out works with the devil Raphael. Passing the Acrobatics check will allow you to set yourself free while passing the Strength check will have you engage on a fight against True Soul Gut. You can then loot the Priestess’ Key, Rancid Note, and a Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen from her body.

Baldur's Gate 3 Shattered Sanctum Guide | Sirus Gaming (2024)
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