13 Gift ideas for Harry Potter fans (2024)

Wondering what to get one Harry Potter-crazed friend as a gift? We've got you covered

Welcome to the magical realm of Harry Potter, whereevery witch or wizard dreams of the warmth of the Gryffindor common room, thethrill of a Quidditch match and the allure of a spellbinding adventure. Whetherthey are a brave Gryffindor, a cunning Slytherin, a loyal Hufflepuff or a wiseRavenclaw, your magical mate deserves a gift that resonates with the whimsy ofJ.K. Rowling's wizarding world.

In this spell-tacular gift guide, we will explore thirteenmeticulously chosen ideas that will leave your Harry Potter fan utterlybewitched and eager to revisit the wizarding world with a gleeful"Mischief Managed."

1. Themed advent calendar

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If you don’t happen to remember what your friend’sHogwarts house is and don’t want to risk giving too niche of a gift, this HarryPotter-themed Advent calendar is a charm in itself. Your friend will be able tostart the magical countdown to Christmas by revealing a surprise each day. It'slike having your very own Room of Requirement, but in calendar form, ensuring adaily dose of magic to sweeten the wait until the Yule Ball.

2. Build-Bear house editions

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Hug the magic close with Build-a-Bear's houseeditions, because nothing says "home" like a plush representation ofyour chosen Hogwarts house. This is perfect for children who have just begun toget into the franchise but already know which house they belong to.

3. Wizard chess set

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Challenge your favourite wizard or witch to a game ofwizard chess, a pursuit as strategic as dodging Nargles. Similar to thelife-sized chess set depicted in The Philosopher’s Stone, this chess settransforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. You'll need the strategicprowess of Hermione and the tactical brilliance of Ron to outwit your opponentin this magical battlefield.

4. Hogwarts house shot glasses

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Elevate your potion game with Hogwarts House shotglasses, because even the strongest drinks deserve a touch of wizardry. Toastto bravery with Gryffindor, cunning with Slytherin, loyalty with Hufflepuff,and wisdom with Ravenclaw. These glasses are not just for shots; they're a wayto infuse a bit of house pride into every drink, whether it's Felix Felicis ora classic Butterbeer.

5. Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch

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Gift the thrill of exploring the wizarding world onthe go with Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch. It's like having a portkey tothe magical universe, allowing your witch or wizard to attend Hogwarts, masterspells and uncover the mysteries that lurk within enchanted halls. It's theperfect gift for the fan who dreams of casting Lumos in the Forbidden Forest ormanoeuvring through the Great Hall.

6. Wizard-themed makeup brushes

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For the beauty-conscious witch, a set of wizard-themedmakeup brushes is the perfect way to cast a spell on your daily routine.Imagine blending eyeshadow with the grace of a wand movement or applyinglipstick with the precision of a spell. These brushes are like your very ownRemembrall, ensuring your makeup is always on point, even during a Quidditchmatch.

7. Golden Snitch key ring

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Capture the elusive Golden Snitch with a key ring thatadds a touch of magic to mundane moments. It's not just for keys; it's areminder that magic is always nearby. With a casual swish and flick, you'llunlock doors, summon elevators and maybe even apparate to the Leaky Cauldron.Plus, it's a conversation starter—every true wizard knows the importance ofgood Quidditch banter.

8. Engraved Apple Watch strap

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Merge the wizarding world with Muggle technology bygifting a customized engraved Apple Watch strap. Now, your Harry Potter fan cancheck the time while channelling the magical vibes of their favourite series,because who needs a Time-Turner when you've got a stylish watch strap?

9. Light-up music box

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Immerse your favourite wizard or witch in thehauntingly beautiful world of Hedwig's Theme with a light-up music box. Picturethis: the soft glow of the lamp, the melody of Hedwig's Theme playing, and thefeeling of being transported to the Great Hall. It's a magical setup thatDumbledore himself would approve of, perfect for setting the mood forpotion-making or just a cozy night of spell book reading.

10. Throw blanket

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Wrap your Harry Potter enthusiast in the warmth ofHogwarts with a throw blanket that's cozier than a common room fireplace. Drapedover the couch or used as a cloak during chilly nights, this blanket screams“Harry Potter fan” in an elegant way. It's like a Horcrux for warmth, ensuringthat every cozy moment is infused with the enchantment of Harry Potter.

11. Scented candles

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Transform any space into the wizarding world withHarry Potter-themed candles. With scents named “Immortal Slumber” and “MermaidTears,” these candles are like the Floo Network for your nose. Light one up,close your eyes, and you'll swear you're strolling down Diagon Alley, wand inhand.

12. Potion mood lamp

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Create a magical ambiance with a potion mood lamp thatmimics the glow of enchanted potions from the wizarding world. Adjust the colourto match your mood or house pride, because who needs Lumos when you have apotion-inspired lamp? It's the perfect addition to any room, whether you'restudying for O.W.L.s or just practicing your Patronus charm.

13. Hogwarts castle and ground Lego set

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Can’t conjure things out of thin air? Don’t worry,fans can still work their magic by building their very own Hogwarts Castle andGrounds through this Lego set. On the surface, it might appear to be justanother ordinary building-block set, but this model comes equipped with plentyof surprises only true fans will cherish. Aside from the Main Tower, AstronomyTower and Great Hall, the end product features The Chamber of Secrets and otherunderground rooms. Not to mention the Durmstrang Ship out on the Black Lake andthe Ford Anglia stuck onto the branches of the Whomping Willow—there’s simplyso much detail to marvel at!

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13 Gift ideas for Harry Potter fans (2024)
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